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Hey everyone! I am finally getting around to writing something in here! OPUS SOUL has been an on going project for about 10 years now, we have changed greatly adding and subtracting players as the gig deems fit. Our sound has evolved greatly but always at the core is Thom’s keyboard and vocal style, and me accompanying him in some way and hopefully adding something positive. I do enjoy our duo which seems to grow more musically complex and diverse all the time... My favorite combination however is everyone, Jake, Jamie, Brian, Ed Rock and Thom. We all just seem to fit, I can’t really explain it just works and that is no small coincidence. Everyone just seems to gel together... Its important because allot of what we due is so improvisational. I Guess I should talk about some guitar stuff. I primarily play my Fender Strat it has the hss pick ups, for anyone that cares, that really allows for a wide range of tones. I use a fender deluxe reverb and various pedals I've included some pictures of my rig nothing to special really... I also play a Taylor 714 Ce and just purchased an awesome resonator guitar from Republic Guitars in Texas. This thing is it!! All silver with white head stock. A real beauty,

   I have to say that one of the greatest experiences I have had was having had the privilege of studying with Steve Giordano of Philadelphia. Jazz Guitarist improviser/teacher & composer, Steve has been on the scene for years educating and playing in Philly... GO to his web site and check him out!! Check out the you tube stuff as well, the scat lesson is awesome!! My other great inspiration has been my friend & teacher Toni Miceli. Toni is a world renowned vibes player  who has accomplished so much musically that I could type for a day and not finish. I have also had the privilege of studying with tom Gaicabetti another world renowned guitarists and educator. I have played with Listened and learned from Recording artist and friend Scott Sherwood. Always in hopes that some of their knowledge would rub off on me.